Svenja Dee studied horticulture in Germany before moving to Nova Scotia in 2000. She interned at a flower farm before launching her own. Her bouquets and arrangements are a bounty of locally grown flowers and wild-harvested greenery for authentic, homegrown beauty.

A full-to-bursting greenhouse is my creative home. I grow from seed to care for my plants as they grow, and to make the connection from planting to harvest to the smiles of my customers. As a flower farmer, I am a nurturer. I share colour and texture and scent and beauty.

Whether you’re a flower farmer or an everyday enthusiast, curating a garden is a bit like making music. We choose some flowers to be the stars—the big dramatic blooms—and others for their texture or scent. We need delicacy along with lasting sturdiness, and harmony in every plot and arrangement. Living on a flower farm means I harvest when my blooms are happiest, and in all palettes, soft and ethereal or bright and bold.

Flowers brighten every space. It’s a deeply gratifying lift, and I feel so happy to be able to bring that lift to my community.

I’m grateful to all my fellow creatives—stylists, event planners, designers, and photographers who contributed their work to help showcase mine. With the exception of the variety of photographers in the Weddings section, most flower images here are by Béatrice Schuler.